A ball valve features a spherical disc that directs, guides and modulates the flow of various types of liquids by way of an opening of a ball. They are the industry standard for pipeline shut-off applications. The body can be cast or forged and monolithic or split.


A butterfly valve is used to isolate or modulate the flow of a fluid. Butterfly valve allows for quick opening and closure as only a quarter turn takes the valve from fully open to fully closed. It being a relatively simple construction makes it a cheaper alternative compared to ball valve for non-critical application.


A check valve is a self-actuating valves that minimize the reversal of fluid flow in a piping system prevents backflows to protect equipment like compressors and pumps. Multiple check valve types are available all the different industry application.


A gate valve is mainly used for shutting and starting fluid flow, it works by shut off the flow of fluid by inserting a disc or wedge into the path of a flowing fluid. Gate valve offers offer straightway flow with very little pressure drop making it suitable where minimum restriction of flow is needed.


A safety valve acts as a protection for equipment from overpressure that may cause explosions or other damaging events. A safety valve opens automatically anytime a set pressure is exceeded. Safety valves are the final safety device that intervene when other protection devices have failed. Safety valves may be spring or pilot operated. Safety valves are commonly installed on pressure vessels, boilers, gas storage tanks and in piping systems.


Globe valves are linear motion closing-down valves in which the closure member is moved squarely on and off the seat, commonly used for regulating flow in a pipeline. The seat opening varies in direct proportion to the travel of the disc. This proportional relationship between valve opening and disc travel is ideally suited for duties involving regulation of flow rate.


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